Particularly masterly... Highly charged and emotionally riveting work.

- Alexandra Tomalonis (The Washington Post)

Weaving a delicate, dream like ambience, then building to a crescendo that at once holds the dance and gently follows it.

- Lawrence Davis (Splash Magazine)

A marvelous event opened the Dance Camera West Film Festival... Suddenly a tall tube of ruby fabric mysteriously appeared and began to sway in the balmy air... It was dance maker Sarah Elgart’ s fine execution... (using) choreography to augment a familiar locale and cause the audience to see with new eyes.

- Debra Levine (Arts Meme) 

Elgart has engaged audiences with site-specific projects that have transformed bus terminals, airports and museums into veritable action paintings.

- Victoria Looseleaf (Artbound, KCET)

Even a modicum of marvel (is) generally out of fashion during these skeptical days. But there are artists like choreographer Sarah Elgart who are making miracles.

- M. A. Greenstein (Artspace) 

Acrobatic and graceful... Dancers are indiscernible from travelers: bags in hand, suits adjusted, they are perfectly camouflaged until they begin to break down the everyday quality of their gestures in favor of hyperbole and a loose collapsing chorus line.

- John O’Brien (Artillery Magazine) 

Meanwhile, dancers choreographed by Sarah Elgart writhed inside colored fabric like fetuses desperate to escape the womb. This multimedia experience… was an impressive and affecting spectacle.

- Robert Loerzel  (Underground Bee)